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Monday, October 17, 2005

When In Samaria

I found myself wandering around San Francisco very early in the morning on Saturday night, and came across an abandoned cell phone. I checked the recent calls on it, and noticed one from an hour before - and if you're calling a phone at 3 in the morning, you might be interested if you get called from it at 4. That logic, perhaps surprisingly, succeeds, and I manage to meet up with the cell phone owner's friend and make the dropoff. The guy says he has nothing to offer me as a reward, which I kind of wave off, and he hands me his business card.

I've got the card, somewhere, and I'm pondering e-mailing the guy. But I don't really care for a reward. On the other hand - he handed me the card for a reason, right? Do I e-mail and say "hey, I'm the guy who brought the phone back, give me some mo-nay." Nah. Though it says he's a resident DJ. Maybe he can help me break into the DJ scene. I'd totally rule.
- Rowan Kaiser, 4:56 PM
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