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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Life as Sex

We are kind of trained by television to see progression through life as a series of episodes, culminating in a bang of a season-ender. Most of life is foreplay, leading up to the orgasm of first car, college graduation, or the literal orgasm leading to children. I try to not view things in this manner, but it's hard to avoid hoping that you have a very special episode in life where all your friends show up and tell you how wonderful you are.

Recent events in my life have made this kind of sexual frustration even more prevalent. For example, last term of college at college was Spring 2004 - but graduation took another year to come. Likewise, the process of getting my first permanent job, and moving out of my parents' house, has been another too-long bit of foreplay, leading to a non-release. First, the housing situation went from being able to move into a really cool place and having a housewarming party and finally being free....to a two-week sublet and who knows what? Likewise, the job situation is as much in the air, with one job started, and another one wanting to interview me on Friday. (I did tell my boss about the potential of me leaving, and he took it as well as I could have hoped.) So maybe in a few weeks I'll actually get that climax of moving EVERYthing out, getting my own place long-term, and having a job I'm sure I can stay at. As it is, though..."Now I know how my girlfriend feels."
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:10 PM
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