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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What's the Politest Way to say "I Would Sooner Shoot Myself In The Belly"?

I have decided to change my tactic in looking to move to San Francisco. Instead of looking for housing first, and then planning on temping, I have decided to look for a job first. Upon the advice of a few people, I've started posting my resume on Craigslist. Apparently this has worked well for them.

It took me a little while to get anything out of it, though. The first offer I got was a form letter for a part-time job writing new and innovative marketing for the web. Or something. The sender was named "Prahash Mohole" which amused me, until I realized I was a terrible person and Indians probably laugh at my name too.

Next came another part-time offer from someone who wanted young people to do part-time PR for...something. It looked vaguely interesting, and wasn't a form letter, but I'm not interested in part-time.

Third offer was from a company which designed worksheets for teachers that the teachers could customize for whatever lesson they were doing. The company sounded cool. The job was doing customer service, however. Not that desparate.

The gradual improvement led me to believe that the next job would be worth looking at more. Today I got the e-mail. It was an invitation to apply for the position of ....walmart.com Order Management Associate.

I think....I think.....I think maybe I need to redo my ad. Christ.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:31 AM
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