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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I have arrived at Antioch. One of my friends said "Welcome home!" when he saw me. I suppose that's as true as anything, but it's some strange kind of home.

It's not that strange to be here, though I didn't expect it to be. What is strange is the weather. It's actually warmer here than in California, or at least, more humid. It's the sort of weather that makes me really happy, possibly because I associate the warm Ohio spring with the last week of Spring Term, which might be the best time to be here.

Everyone loves my "Dolphins Are Gay Sharks" t-shirt. I like wearing it to make an impression. It shall be henceforth be designated my "Impression-making t-shirt" though it is not impressionist.

Surprisingly, most everyone I hoped that I might see is actually here. There are only a few friends I'm waiting to see, but I'm sure they'll turn up. Also, there is a buzz amongst the gambling addicts that now that I'm back, there will actually be a poker game.
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:42 PM
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