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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finishing the Job

I have decided that the last stop on my trip down memory lane is my trip to Antioch and graduation. I'm leaving tomorrow, and don't have a ride set up for certain. Go me!

This will really really be the end of this little era of mine. Back when I was horribly unhappy with, well, everything in junior high and high school, my parents and everyone else kept saying "Wait until college, you'll love it, everything will be worth it." They were pretty much right about the first part, but I'm not sure if high school was worth it. At any rate, only a few times in college did people say "Your life will be so much better when you go and work some random job" or "Man, the friends you make in grad school are your friends for life."

Plus, after this, I don't have any specific reason not to go out and do....something........

As a little sidebar to the memory thing, in order to survive the plane ride and the car ride I'm taking to see my friend Jenny next week, I decided to break into my old books to gather reading material. Now, these books are almost all science fiction and fantasy, which I've barely read in the last four years, so chances are good I've forgotten most all of it. I decided which I wanted to keep and which I wanted to take to the used bookstore, and have a little pile of "old Rowan" books to amuse myself on the plane. I was hoping to find the Black Company books, which I actually want to read again, and also because they're what I was reading back when I originally went to Antioch, those heady days ago. But no luck. So it's Discworld and The Silmarillion for me.
- Rowan Kaiser, 4:03 AM
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