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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Diary of a Graduate

Since I don't have anything specific to say, I'll just make a list. It'll be fun.

Tuesday - I can't get a redeye, so I basically spend all day on the plane, arriving in Ohio just after midnight. I never actually got myself a ride set in stone, so during my layover in Dallas I find it. I like the Dallas airport. It feels like an airport should. It is the Platonic airport. I get to Antioch at about 2AM, just in time to head to the last day of classes bonfire party. My entire time at Antioch there hasn't been a decent bonfire. Now there is. It's fun. I hang out with the old timers - the fourth-years, fifth-years, recent grads, and not-so-recent grads. Many of us edited the newspaper. That's a trend that continues. I end up on a couch at my HQ. Couch grade: D+. It's a little too short to get really comfortable.

Wednesday - It's the first time I've ever been on campus without my own room. It's a bit strange in the afternoon, when there's nothing really going on. I get a meal ticket to the cafeteria for lunch that afternoon, and it hurts my stomach. I'd forgotten that. I get six people for a poker game. Finally...right? Wrong. It's not terribly fun until a friend who can't even deal starts destroying everyone. Me and another person eventually turn the tables enough to break even, when the game ends for a bar run. Off to the bar. Meet an old flame? God damn, I'd forgotten how tiny Antioch beds were. Grade: D-.

Thursday - This is the day I was looking forward to the most. I've said hello to all the right people, and it's senior party time. I run into an old friend who went to Antioch, but I haven't seen since. It's a good time. Speaking of good times, while waiting for the senior party to start, I get stuck in another friend's room in a rainstorm. Me and another guy decide to watch Street Fighter: The Movie. We don't get very far, sadly, as it looked like one of the best terrible movies ever. EVER.

The party starts. Or does it? It's supposed to start at eleven, and people are still setting up drinks. There's no music. Just a bunch of old timers mingling and drinking their own beers. I meet a woman who is really excited to see my hoodie from London. She goes to school in Maine, and in London, and is currently at Antioch. I'm very confused, and I'm pretty sure neither of us in a state of chemical imbalance at that point. I see her a few hours later with giant sunglasses. That's the end of our interactions. She kind of stutters.

I think Senior Party was a blast. I spend most of it having two different female-types attempt to charm me. It would be annoying, but I was having far too much fun with the situation. Eventually, I outlast the both of them who go to bed early. Damn younger college students, they don't know how to party. I keep running into people I didn't expect to encounter. There are only about five people I hoped to see but didn't, and none of them were critical. Graduation is fun. I'll go back next year. Bed that night is a matress on the floor covered by a futon to increase the range. Grade: A+.

Coming soon - Actual graduation! Mysterious television femme lesbians! Portuguese terrorists!
- Rowan Kaiser, 6:41 PM
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