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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

And Yes I Will Be Present for the First Day of School and Gra-Du-A-Tion

A bit of bureaucratic hangup caused it to be in the air for a few days, but that appears to be all cleared up: I'm graduating. Well, there's one little bit that needs to be signed off on, that being the foreign language requirement. I was told by the language professor that I had achieved proficiency three years ago, but that never arrived at the registrar's office. Fortunately, the professor has a notoriously bad memory, and is equally famous for his dislike of the language requirement and his friendliness to students. And being crazy, but this all adds up to meaning that he will sign off on, either because he remembers, because he trusts me, because he doesn't care, or because he'll sign off on anything.

I'm currently looking for plane tickets. Still two weeks left, too! That's not bad for me and deadlines.
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:32 PM
Hello Blogger, I found your blog while searching for baby card flash language sign information. Your site has some information, but not really what I was looking for this time.

I'll have to come back again though sometime. For now, I'm going to get back to looking for baby card flash language sign info. Take it easy.
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