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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why Did This Take Me So Long?

I believe that there are two things that make music good. If it gets you to move, or if it moves you. (god, I'm clever) I also like to organize my iTunes. I really like to organize my iTunes. My playlists tend to fall into the category of upbeat, getting-you-to-move categories, like Hip-Hop, Dance, Joy, Rock'n'Roll, etc. There is also an emotionally evocative bunch, labeled Cheerful Self-Destruction, Unlove, Crush, Joy, etc. (the Unlove playlist has about four times as many songs as the Love playlist). But I didn't use these all that often.

Today, I was fiddling around, wondering how I could tell what songs I listened to at what times. iTunes keeps track of the last time you listened, and how many times, but not each individual time. My train of thought led quickly from there to "hey, I could make playlists based on each segment of my life." Since my life has been conveniently divided into segments, I can make these playlists fairly easily. So now I have lists for my time before Antioch, my first year, my second year, my time in Philly, my last term, London, and the Newberry term. Editing the Record and coming home to quibble with my roommate/girlfriend? I've got that soundtrack. Dancing to bad music in clubs I don't belong at in London? Hell yeah. Being obsessed with certain bands in high school? Nailed it!

There is, however, something strange about listening to music now to directly call up memories of a certain time. I mean, what if one of those playlists becomes my favorite now? Would I have to put those songs on a playlist for post-graduation in a few months?

The process, at least, has worked well...I am calling up the emotions of these times.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:55 AM
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