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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hey Baby, Wanna Go On An Update?

It's only been about a year and half since my last update of the blogroll, but hey, better to err on the side of life, right? Let me run you through it:

The C-dog linked to Rollertrain a few weeks back, and I found it to be an amusing and entertaining look at the ins and outs of the porn industry. So I have kept reading. It's not safe for work, obviously, but nobody reads my blog from work.

Someone who randomly found my blog several months ago but no longer speaks to me regularly or updates her website once linked to Bad News Hughes. It is by far the funniest blog ever. You should read it.

Not included on the Blogroll are Paul Shirley's Road Ramblings, because they only exist for one week right now. I hope it becomes regular, so I can add it to the blogroll. Paul Shirley is a benchwarmer for an NBA basketball team - the self-described second whitest guy in the league - which may sound boring, except he actually writes amusingly about the lifestyle of the NBA star. This includes: going to games late to catch an Interpol concert, spending most of the game looking for attractive females in the stands, and writing things like I began considering the possibility that there could very well be a bit of playing time in the offing and started paying at least cursory attention to what was going on in timeouts, in case Coach D’Antoni said something like, “From now on tonight, everyone will be shooting with his left hand. Deviation from this plan of attack will result in castration immediately following the game.” The best part is that it's actually on the NBA's website, meaning that a major corporation is sponsoring someone to expose its insidious poker-playing, indie-rock-concert-going, making-fun-of-famous-people-with-HIV (gently) underbelly.

If you've made it this far and you have similar political inclinations to mine, boy are you lucky. Billmon's Whiskey Bar is back. He seemed to have burned out last summer, but the best political website on the net is up and running again. Like many of us, the whole election thing completely ruined him. Huzzah.

Finally, because I am a petty person who does not make decisions on my own, I have removed the blogs of people who seem to no longer read me. Other people now read me, however, at least 13 of you per day or so. And some of you have blogs. So if you want to be included on my blogroll with the pinkhairedgirl, her ex-roommate, the porno girl, and the hippie-hater, now is totally your chance.
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:16 AM
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