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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Best Decade Ever

Yahoo has posted a 100-moments-in-internet-history thingy to celebrate their 10th birthday. By and large, it's fair, and has some great reminders of things like pets.com, hotornot, the Blair Witch Project, and so forth, but it's missing some seriously important items. For example, "Gaming" is one little thing buried in the depths of the list, when it's hard to imagine anything much more important to the creative force of the internet. We need fast connections to shoot people in the head, not the neck, dammit.

Most importantly, in its reminder of quirky-things-across-the-internet, it misses the biggest web phenomenon I've ever seen: All Your Base Are Belong To Us. For three weeks, this was all the internet had. Game sites of course had All Your Base signs all around. Porn sites? All Your Sex Are Belong To Us. People were writing about it as one of the strangest developments on the internet. There were thousands of marketers, trying to reach their choice demographics via novel marketing techniques on the web, and a mistranslated old video game with a photoshop slide show bypasses them and reaches EVERYONE.

And then it was gone. There are still signs of it every now and then. The cheat code to beat any level in Warcraft III is allyourbasearebelongtous.

They also forgot the damn hamsterdance. The Hamsterdance, let us recall, released an ALBUM.
- Rowan Kaiser, 4:34 AM
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