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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ironic Internet Writer Job Update

The Sports Guy, obviously unable to make up his mind, raised the number of potential interns from 10 to 25, and posted the first half here. These people are good. A couple of them made me laugh. However, I remain cautiously optimistic (to use a great sports cliche) that I may be in the latter 13. My writing is as good and perhaps as funny as most of these people, on the plus side. As a detraction, however, he seems to have chosen people who were self-deprecating in their mini-essay, which amazingly is a weakness of mine, if you scroll on down to read my entry.

That's right, I think I did something with a critical lack of self-deprecation. The irony is killing me.


upon further reflection, I'm realizing that I might also have been too straightforward. Which is a common complaint with me. "Rowan," people say, "why do you always make your emotions so clear? Why can't your train of thought be a little more convoluted?"
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:30 AM
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