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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I Am Bad At Accomplishing Goals

I recently started a project aimed at combining my mental capabilities and my love of video games. I called it Renaissance Gamer. It was a good idea, and I stand by the idea, but, doing the work is annoying. I've been trying to gather interest in the idea by going to gamer forums and posting previews...which has led to internet debates and reminded me just how timewasting they are. Is that really what I want? I mean, I can do it. I had Internet Debating trained into me as a child. I'm probably pretty good at it. But it's futile, obviously. I don't want random endless debates! I want people to agree with me when I write, but add their own deep thoughts that I agree with! I want them to right things that I consider and they believe my criticisms are valid as they bask in the glow of my acclaim.

I also want my friends to join me, and while they have expressed some interest, they have not actually done anything yet. I'm not terribly good at staying motivated to do things without others doing them as well.

Plus it's stopping my from doing my co-op papers. Two to go!
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:40 AM
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