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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Return of the Friendster

After leaving Antioch last spring, my friendster habit took a dive. I was no longer surrounded by people I was friendly with who were all signing up, after all. Until now.

I managed to convince my sister to sign up. She promptly decided, as everyone does, that Friendster was the new post-modernism. She got a bunch of friends (like, 30 in a week) and wrote me a testimonial.

A week or so later, I discovered "Meet Beck Bristow". Since the website advertised for this famous Hollywood actor actually exists and is hilarious, I figured "you know, the chances of Beck being on Friendster are pretty high." And I was right. I'd call myself brilliant, except that I also thought the same way about Nellie McKay, who wasn't on Friendster. Oh well.

At any rate, Beck left me a testimonial. Wherein he hit on my sister, who had the testimonial immediately before mine. That's right, a fake cartoon hollywood actor from the year 2021 hit on my sister via my friendster testimonials.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:54 AM
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