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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Whole Block Politicin'

I have a bit of a problem. When I feel pushed, I like to push back. When the whole world pushes me to vote for John Kerry...well, I don't want to vote for John Kerry. Problem is, I'm registered in Ohio, which I hear is the new Florida. Or maybe the new Jesus. This assumes I get the chance to vote, as I'm in Chicago and it may be tricky.

I was quite unhappy about voting for Kerry until I saw the first debate. That worked. Somewhat. More because Bush is such an idiot. The second debate, however, left a sour taste in my mouth. Edwards "won" that debate because he was prettier and had better catch phrases. And those policies he did mention, particularly in foreign policy, were, uh, bad.

Yesterday I read an article online from someone in a swing state, who will vote for Nader, saying why he wasn't voting for John Kerry. He responded that it was simple: John Kerry policies opposed his. Why would he vote for someone he disagreed with? Which is a correct statement.

Everywhere I look, people are screaming "Vote for John Kerry! You have to vote for John Kerry! OMFG! Bush sucks! You have to vote for John Kerry." And there's pretty much no reason to vote for Kerry, except that he's the only other guy on the ballot.

What really gets me, though, are the people who act all self-righteous about being pro-Kerry. For example, apparently there were busses of people traveling around registering people to vote. They were comparing themselves to the Freedom Riders. That kind of made me want to choke and die on my own vomit. Or the idea that people who are out doing Rock for Change are "Rockin' Rebels" as one magazine put it. Yeah, expressing support for one of the two candidates of the major parties. That's real rebellious. That's like drinking Coca-Cola rebellious.

And worst of all...the people who think that if we don't vote for Kerry, Bush will bring back the draft. That may be true. But it's more likely that Kerry will. Democrats are more pro-draft than anyone. Lyndon Johnson presided over the last draft. Jimmy Carter instituted the Selective Service in order to try to scare the USSR when they invaded Afghanistan (what goes around, comes around). And President Bush's military advisors are committed to a style of warfare that wants a small, highly trained army with advanced equipment, and the ability to get in, win fast, and get out. (Bush called it "fassel" in the second debate, which is as bad a word as any.) For Bush to institute a draft would be a direct rejection of Rumsfeld and the PNACers style. It could happen, sure. But Kerry, on the other hand, wants to expand the role of the military. He wants to increase the Army's size by 40,000. He wants to encourage more JROTC in public schools. He announced at his convention that he was "reporting for duty." Part of me wants Kerry to win and institute the draft, just to see the reaction of all this idealistic people caught in the Anybody But Bush idiocy.

On the other hand......just imagine the feeling if Bush wins. Watching him smile and celebrate his victory. Ugh. UGH. I mean, that's the only reason I can think of to vote for Kerry. As the Black Commentator put it, it's one half-step back from the apocalypse. And if Kerry is worse.....then eventually, someone good will have to run for president, right?

(can we switch to a parliamentary system?)
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:14 PM
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