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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's Not Like I Faint Every Time We Touch

Now, I know that crushes, in general, are supposed to be stupid things. It's not like you hear people saying "Wow, brain and body, that sure was clever, the way you decided that me and that person there should get together. I wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks for pushing me into it!" But I have managed to contrive a crush that takes the cake for stupidity. It's on this person who is new at work, and I haven't said anything more than "hi" to. I'm not sure I've quite had this before. I mean, I've been attracted to people I haven't really talked to. That goes without saying. It's not simple physical attraction, though. There have been plenty of attractive people round my workplace, and while this woman is certainly physically attractive, I wouldn't call her amazingly stunning.

But if I haven't spoken to her, and don't think she's physically that amazing, then I'm extra-confused by how I managed this crush. The only explanation that I can think of is poise. She carries herself like someone I would like. I am vaguely reminding of a time two years ago, when I was working in Chicago, when I saw someone walk by me into the bosses' office, and I was impressed by her poise. A few minutes later I discovered that she was a former Antioch student who had my job a year before I did. I was impressed by my Antioch-like-person-spotting-abilities. And that's kind of what this feeling is like, except for the part where this person is not a former Antiochian, so I'm not sure where my feeling of recognition of poise comes from.

I will now go into a semi-related anecdote about attachments with people from work.

At this current job, I was in the lunchroom, having a conversation with a woman of roughly my age, which turned to relationships. She was talking about how it was difficult to find people to date, how going to bars to was silly, and so forth. Her theory, she explained, was that it was probably best to date people you know from work. I was sitting and wondering if, perhaps, she had an ulterior motive for the direction the conversation had taken, when she added "Well, not here, of course." Eh? So she has a theory that you should date people of a certain group, but she wouldn't date people from that group? I'm not sure she's thought this through.

Back to me and my idiotic crush. I don't normally talk about relationships, or things of that sort, on this blog, but I need some way to set this up for mockery and belittle it.
- Rowan Kaiser, 4:11 AM
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