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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What I Did This Weekend,
There are two 17-year-old Italian girls in my kitchen, and they're listening to Nirvana

Apparently, my gaydar is stronger than your gaydar. Or at least, other people's gaydar. I was talking to someone I didn't know very well the other night, the subject of sexuality came up, and she said "I assume you're gay, right?" I smiled and shook my head. She almost fell out of her chair. Now, I don't think it's THAT strange that I'm not gay, but the only other alternatives would be:

a) her general clumsiness
b) the size of her chair
c) the drink in front her which may or may not have been her first

Unfortunately, her described profession was 'dancer,' and she left shortly afterwards in order to engage in this method of earning a living, which rules out A, and possibly C. Since I was on an identical chair, I'm willing to rule out B, so I guess she's just too quick to judge.....

Shortly thereafter, I was talking to someone else, and the subject came up again, and she asked me point-blank "What do you think I am?" I hate answering questions like that, so I made a guess that I felt covered all my bases decently well. I said that I thought she was mostly straight, but could, or maybe had, been open to experimentation. She gave no confirmation immediately, but half an hour later, she explained that she had a female partner (everyone in Britain seems to be a partner), but that was her first, and she mostly fancied guys anyway. She did everything but call herself a LUG, and I managed to cobble up the social skills to avoid calling her one as well. Go me.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:50 AM
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