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Saturday, June 19, 2004

I Don't Want to Join Any Club That Won't Have Me

Last night, I was not allowed to go into a club/bar that I and some of my co-workers had wandered to after work. The reason? My tennis shoes weren't up to code. After some debate, the people I was with decided to go on in, where I should head home, change, and come back. (Not bloody likely, but I think they knew that.) I asked the doorman, if I came back, what I should do to make certain that I'd be let in. He said "go, put on something, come back. You know, maybe jeans. Maybe a t-shirt. Different shoes." The shoes, I understood, but there I was, being told that I should put on a t-shirt and jeans in order to be more presentable. I was completely confused, but later I think I figured out that this doorman, who was not the person who had initally rejected me, really didn't care, and if I had something - anything - different, he'd let me in, as long as he didn't get in trouble. I'm still pretty sure that he didn't want me coming back in a t-shirt and jeans, but it was rather a moot point anyway. Any place with a dress code probably isn't a place I want to be anyway.

Ironically, the reason I wasn't let in was tigers. Yes, saving the tigers caused me to dress poorly. The school held a charity walk/run for the kids to raise money to save the tigers, and I had the foresight to put on tennis shoes, and a simple t-shirt-with-buttons. Then, the kids made these poster thingies with paint all over, and I was conscripted to carry one, which unsurprisingly, ended up with me getting paint all over my pants, or trousers, as they are called in England. (me pick up lin-go) The run was, of course, a logistical nightmare. The route was described only at the starting line, and only once. I was supposed to jog behind the runners, while another person jogged in front, and the kids had to stay between. All well in theory, but about 20 seconds into the run, kids who had wanted to run decided that maybe they should walk. So a huge gap opened between everyone so neither of the teachers involved could see all the kids. The confusing route made certain that kids went in several different directions, and at one point I was told that three girls had gone running off in entirely the wrong direction. So I went off to see if I could find them. But they had found their way, so when I got back, everyone was saying it was me who had gotten lost. No, not lost, just responsible. Sigh.
- Rowan Kaiser, 6:03 AM
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