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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Bad Blogger, Continued

But this time, it's Blogger that's the bad Blogger, not me that's the bad blogger. I finally did a post, below, that was on time, and Blogger didn't want to publish it, so it took another few days to get here. And it's topical! It's been almost a week since the Day of Mourning. Some of you Americans might have forgotten already.

It's, uh, fun to deal with little kids and race. For example, one of my favorite children, who happens to be black, was wearing this pink Barbie hat today with a picture of the Aryan superwoman herself. I asked her about it, and wrinkled my nose when she said it was Barbie. When she asked why, though, I didn't really have an answer. "Because you're cuter than Barbie will ever be, and I don't want you to get that Euro-centric view of beauty" doesn't really roll off the tongue when you're dealing with 6-year-olds, does it?

On the other side of things was her best friend, a little white girl. The other day, she was getting ready to go home from school, slowly, and one of the teachers told her "Come on, get ready, your nanny and brother are waiting."
The stubborn little girl replied "Oh, I don't think my nanny is here yet, I don't think she's coming."
"No, I saw here, she was waiting."
"Are you sure? What color was her skin?"
"You don't ask questions like that!"
"....but I just wanted to make sure it was her."
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:12 PM
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