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Friday, May 21, 2004

Social Life, or Lack Thereof

Every time I leave Antioch I realize that I look more normal than I am. There's probable a blog post about that from last May, when I went to Philadelphia. I know I felt it when I went to Chicago. And again, here. It feels worse here, though, because I don't have any initial friends, as I did in Chicago and Philly. I thought this might push me out the door and into the world to talk to people, but no. Still shy. It doesn't help that my brilliant plan to entertain myself in London, executed in the weeks before my journey here, has succeeded admirably. That's the one where I stocked up on video games. Still playing them, and plenty of new ones to go! Wooo!

To make it worse, my jet lag prevented me from being motivated to go out for anything except food, though that's finally been overcome, and I wandered out to a museum yesterday. Not a great place to meet people. "Hey, how about those little descriptor cards next to the paintings, eh? I kinda wish they weren't there, I spend more time reading them than looking at the art!"

Better yet, I don't have a phone, so even if I do find someone interesting, how are they going to contact me? Really, they aren't.

Today, I ventured off to the orientation for the program that gave me my work permit. Since the program is typically for students who are looking for work/housing, I didn't feel the need to go, but since they sent me my work permit almost instantly, I felt kind of obligated, and felt I might get the chance to meet people in roughly the same situation as I am. When I got there, I remembered that I don't really like American college students. Oh. Yeah, that.

I blame freedom. When placed in situations where I have the option to not do something, or not talk to people, or not do whatever for any reason, I'll take it. It's when options are narrowed, that I have to be friendly with people, that I am. It worked great at Antioch. There were 400 people, and I knew and got along with those that I interacted with. But here? How can I choose to impose myself like that.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:08 PM
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