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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Meet the new place

Same as the old place. When I came to London, I was told that my place was temporary while my job found new housing for me. Turns out they just moved me downstairs in the place where I'm staying. So I packed up and headed down. Easiest move I've ever made.

While I was unpacking, I kept thinking "gee, why did I bring this? and this and this and this?" And then I remembered - because I was moving and could fit it all. Because you never know when you'll need that pair of soccer warmup pants.

Jet lag has been hitting me hard lately. In America, I had been waking up at 11AM and going to bed at 3AM or so. That's 4PM and 8AM here. But my plane trip was an overnighter, so I figured once that balances out, everything will be fine. Right? Well, not quite. After staying up, going to bed twice, and getting up, I discovered that I was awake at....4PM. Ouch. And since I didn't have my voltage converter, I couldn't plug in my alarm clock. But when I finally did, everything was going great, right? The next day, I was up around noonish. Then I discovered something wonderful about my alarm clock. It was losing hours. The next day, I set my alarm for 11:30. It went off, I pressed snooze, then next I knew, it was 1:30. Okay. Fair enough. Then I turned on my computer. It said 3:30. It happened later that day, too. I thought it was midnight, looked at my computer, it was 2. Also, the alarm wasn't going off anymore. So I had an alarm clock that didn't work, and a clock that lost hours inexplicably. I cannot imagine a worse scenario for dealing with jet lag. But now I have a new alarm, and hopefully everything will work out.
- Rowan Kaiser, 9:42 AM
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