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Saturday, May 08, 2004

God Bless America

As usual, the Black Commentator has the right explanations for the Iraqi prison scandal.

America Unfit to "Change the World"

“This is not America,” said George Bush on Wednesday, pleading the national case to the Arab world. “America is a country of justice and law and freedom and treating people with respect.”
No, America is a country built on genocide, slavery and insatiable land-piracy, where even the lowest status white person is a king or queen compared to a “hajji” or “gook” or some other variety of “nigger.” This is the cultural well from which springs America’s ceaseless domestic and international wars, the fountainhead of aggression as a national trait.

White Supremacy in Iraq

The abuse of Iraqi prisoners was inevitable. The plan to invade Iraq presupposed that its people are inferior and unworthy of thought or consideration. Of course they have been tortured.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:17 PM
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