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Friday, April 30, 2004

Nothing to see here

Been a bit over a week since I blogged, huh? Dunno what there's been to say, really. All I've done is help redesign my school, make a presentation in front of the entire faculty, say goodbye to my friends one by one, have the super-senior-party watch the graduation that was almost-but-not-quite mine get hijacked (twice), make my friends unhappy by breaking a promise I couldn't fulfill, finish my senior project, pack, pack, pack, say goodbye to more friends, take pictures of everything, continue redesigning the school, buy a plane ticket the day before it left, and come to Philadelphia a mere 5 hours before my favorite band showed up for a concert (hey, nice timing). Through it all, I've been getting plane tickets, international ID, passport, and a work permit for my job in England. Which all showed up at Cyn's place, along with me, yesterday. Good timing again.
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:33 AM
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