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Sunday, April 11, 2004

I Hate This Week

Gotta do my last paper for my two classes. 15 pages on religious experience. Ugh. But worse than that right now is my paper on Marx and social class. It's supposed to be, like, 2-3 pages. And it's about Marx and social class, which is pretty much redundant, right? I can churn that out in an hour, right? It's been six. It's so obvious I can't figure out how to do it. Transparancy obscures.

Then there's the senior project. Gotta get a complete draft in by Friday. It's 38 pages right now. I'm probably halfway done. Is that forty pages in five days? I think it is!

And I have to work on getting a job. Out of the country. In the next week and a half. Then figure out plane tickets and so forth. Get up early for an interview, probably.

I should, perhaps, have done my taxes before now as well, and I think I'm missing half of the things I need. It's definitely something I should do, as I'll probably be getting money back, but I gotta find the time...

But after Friday, I'm gold, right? It's party time. The last weekend of the semester before graduation and Senior Party. That means Div, where everyone's happy, relieved, gonna miss each other, and there's free pizza and drinks, and....what? It's canceled? The KKK is coming again?

But on the bright side.......well, fuck.
- Rowan Kaiser, 8:14 PM
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