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Monday, April 19, 2004

Fame and Fortune

I'm not sure what I want with this website. I mean, it's public, so I kind of want people to read it, right? But events have happened in the last few weeks to make me not so certain I want people to read it, and I'm not talking about the link to the dress picture. I blogged about the POC takeover, and the KKK coming to Antioch almost immediately after it happened, so anyone googling the event could find my site with ease. And they have. I'm still on the front page of many searches. I noticed this in my referral logs for a few days, but then discovered that someone else had blogged about it, using my words and linking to my site. I attempted to engage him in discussion via e-mail, and he responding on his website, again linking to me, this time by name. I decided not to continue the discussion, but what's on his site is on his site.

His website has now been posted on Antioch's e-mail discussion list. Meaning that plenty of Antioch students, faculty, and staff could quite easily find their way here. Hello! Please leave a comment so I know who visited so I can prepare my legal defense.

The googling has also led the editor of a website on "anti-white racism" to leave a comment for me. Lovely.

Anyway. To all my new friends. Enjoy the picture of me in a dress! Marvel at my senior project-induced rantings! Leave comments about how cool I am! Please don't hurt me!
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:56 AM
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