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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Worms, Cows, and Eminem

My gym class today went miniature golfing. In an effort to get people to come to class earlier, the teacher offered to take the first four students who showed up to the local dairy/tourist trap, which also has a miniature golf course. Even five minutes late, I was still the second student to arrive. So off we went to golf.

The golf course was in decent shape, but suffered from much the problem as my doorstep after a heavy rain: dead worms. Not as bad as the doorstep, of course, but they were on the astroturf. I even had one putt that was slow enough that the worm it ran into may well have slightly affected the ball's course. Yummy.

Halfway through our game, another car of Antioch students showed up. When my group finished, I went off to hang out, and one of them who had to leave offered me his putter and ball. On the last hole, I managed to get a hole-in-one, which at this mini-golf course, gave me a coupon for a free ice cream cone. Before heading to get our ice cream, we went off to the petting zoo. Somewhat adorable. Somewhat sad. Somewhat smelly, particularly when one of the cows off to the side unloaded with a few buckets of urine in abour 5 seconds.

After the ice cream, I returned to Antioch, where I went to a meeting of primarily faculty for a plan to restructure the college. Halfway through the meeting, one of the professor's cell phones started to ring, and quite loudly, the first few notes of "The Real Slim Shady" sounded through the conference room. I was not the only one trying not to burst out laughing at the absurdity.

I am now on Spring Break. And by Spring Break, I mean, I told my senior project advisor that I'd have half of it done by Friday. Good times, mate, good times.
- Rowan Kaiser, 9:25 PM
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