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Monday, February 23, 2004

The Latest Four Nights of My Life

Thursday: a solidarity sleepover in a meeting area before a massive, 5 AM public budget meeting. A 5-hour planning session of the students who attended took place. I was, shall we say, treating the slumber party more as a party than a solidarity session. Though I did both, I might have done some things that affected my mental state. Which proved especially interesting after staying up all night and being manic from lack of sleep, with my water bottle still full.

Friday: after collapsing in the afternoon, I made it back up in time to catch 21 Grams. Well. That was only, uh, cripplingly depressing! But in a good way. Highly recommended, but not if you have any death anxiety.

Saturday: poker is the new Soul Calibur. Up til 5 in the morning, with some hardcore Texas Hold'em. I am starting to become slightly obsessed with poker. Texas Hold'em proves an intense betting game. I'll probably write more about it, as it seems to be kind of taking over my social life. Nothing quite like going all in on pocket queens.

Sunday: at 1 AM, I hear a commotion in my common room. There are speakers and wires moving it. It's karaoke time! I should note that my college is currently on a mini-break, so there aren't many people, and we can stay up all night singing karaoke. I did Yellow Submarine and Rock the Casbah. It was amusing to watch, but I was the only one not drunk. Shareef don't like that.
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:29 AM
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