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Friday, February 06, 2004

Irony, by definition

So the other day, I got my new phone. Huzzah! It was a refurbished version of my old phone, which meant that I got the I Ching. Everything good so far. Except that the instructions as to how to switch my number from the old to the refurbished were missing. So I call Sprint tech support. After saying "no, I don't know the password and stuff, it's my family's account, I'm just a dirty leech, sorry!" the woman on the other end asks if I have the refurbished phone on me. Yes! I am prepared in some way. So I look at the 'new' phone, only to discover that its screen is blinking in and out. Just like the old one did, 6 weeks before it died.

I mention this to the woman on the other end, and she says "oh, I can't help with that, I'll transfer you." Disappointed and not wanting to wait another 15 minutes, I hang up.

So the "don't expect me to call you" rule is still in effect.
- Rowan Kaiser, 5:19 PM
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