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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Still At Home

Turns out I'll be flying to Antioch on Sunday. So much for the road trip.

While I'm home, I may as well make fun of my family on my blog here.

On what we thought would be my last night here, my parents and I went out to eat. My dad was trying to decide what to order. I say to him "You need to make up your mind." So he turns to my mom and says "Do I want the shrimp or the salmon?" A fairly telling example of the power structure in my family.

Though he doesn't really wear the pants in the relationship, my dad continues to try to control things he can't. He will, for example, request help doing simple tasks that don't require anyone else. He also asks for things that don't make any sense, either because he doesn't make sense, or because he wants to make things sound complex. When we went to the electronics store, he started saying he wanted some sort of networking thing. Perhaps a card. Perhaps a cable. After a too-long discussion, my mom and I figured out that he wanted to connect his laptop to the internet at home. Fair enough. But he couldn't have wireless, because he works for the government. But no, he didn't want to re-wire anything in the house. So by process of elimination, we determined that he wanted a SLIGHTLY LONGER CABLE to make plugging his laptop into the network here easier. I think. Maybe.

My parents also really, really like sports. I mean, I'm entertained by sports, and I'll watch them if they're there, and have a few teams that I prefer to win over lose, but my parents will watch games and yell and scream and then have long conversations about coaching changes in the NFL and what that means for NASCAR. Yes, that makes sense. Used to be, sports was the only thing I could talk to them about, but I've kind of fallen off the wagon.

And all this without mentioning the damn dogs.
- Rowan Kaiser, 4:23 PM
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