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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Road Trip!

I believe I have mentioned my road trip in passing in the last few days, but have not actually said what I am up to. I am traveling from Sacramento to Yellow Springs, Ohio. The plan is currently to swing south through Las Vegas, straight east along into Texas, then northeast through Missouri and then to Ohio.

I have not been on a road trip in about 10 years. I have had an aversion to them, but this is, I think, largely due to the fact that they've been with my family. But since I also have an aversion to flying, and have a distance to travel, what the hell.

I am going along with Anne, who is a friendly acquantance from Antioch. There may or may not be stories about her in the next couple of days. There may or may not be photographs, or diary entries from the various stops along the way. It is entirely possible that this is the last blog entry until Monday or so. But! I have a road trip CD, that starts with the Beatles "Drive My Car" and ends with "Honk If You're Lonely" from the Silver Jews. Plus, I have a lot of cookies. I am set.
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:48 PM
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