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Monday, January 12, 2004

Oh, my school...

For the last few weeks, Antioch people have been asking me "Where are you going to live?" I've been saying "well, I talked to housing, and they said blah blah blah, but you never know. Hopefully they remembered to write it down."

Did they write it down? Naturally not.

This means that I am currently living smack dab in the partyest party dorm on campus. Which is probably fine, except it's a smoking hall and I have a case of the asthma. We shall see.

In other news - four flights into my First Class watch, I saw a person of color in the front of the plane. This plane ride was also notable for having a full 1% of the Antioch population on it. I saw at least 4 other Antioch students on it.

Over and out, as I'm posting from the library. Should have internet in my room soon.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:28 AM
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