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Friday, January 02, 2004

January 1st, 4:30 - Phoenix

Decent flight. My purple hair continues to work marvels. For example, on the second drink run-through by the flight attendants, I got three bags of peanuts instead of two. First time that's happened!

Yes, as long as my hair is purple, I will attribute any slightly abnormal behavior in people interacting me to my hair color and not coincidence, luck, or my inherent charisma.

I had been thinking that Phoenix is joining that exclusive club or cities that I've only been in the airports of. Houston, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Minneapolis are the others, I think. But then I remembered that I spent two sad hours here last year, when my connecting flight was delayed. So Phoenix is now in super-elite company, with only itself, of airports that I've been in twice without seeing the city!

I'm currently eating a fairly tasteless bean and cheese burrito. I swear, I had better versions of this in Philadelphia, not a city known for its spicy burrito population - home of the cheesesteak, after all. Phoenix, I know I've only seen you once before, but I expected better....oh wait, I had bland food here last year, too. Maybe it's the whole "being in an airport thing."

Despite the Orange terror alert, my plane anxiety isn't very terrorist related, because on 9/11, the hijackers all took early morning flights. Take that, early birds. Hah. In fact, the airlines seemed to take roughly the same view, as I didn't see anyone get searched before the flight.

Starting with these flights, I plan to check and see if I can ever find a person of color sitting in the First Class section. So far, we're 0 for 2.
- Rowan Kaiser, 7:25 PM
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