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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How clever!

I have five lines I'd like you to read. It's fun! Here they are:

The limit of this function tends to zero. It's always in question. Our perception of the feminine seems to have changed. We all have to make some kind of plans for ourselves.

I had fun when we talked on Tuesday. It's all just so much white noise; nothing more than that.

I have a splitting migraine. The ratio of signal to noise has decreased significantly. Just one moment longer. Let me collect my thoughts. Maybe this will help us all in the long run.

It's a question that can't really be answered. This is the result:Be creative. Do what you can with what you have when you have it. It is a distinct posibility. Your signal/noise ratio is degrading. The trend here is obvious:

This is all a desperate plea for help. There are worse things that could happen.I skipped the whole school thing. Our perception of the feminine seems to have changed.

What can this all mean? Is it some kind of post-modern poem? Why has our perception of the feminine changed so? Why is signal and noise so important? The limit of this function tends to zero? The hell's that?

These lines were taken from the bottom of a spam e-mail I recieved. It's obviously an attempt to circumvent filters. And it worked, as my address has filters that usually work, and this company managed to sneak 7 of them through those filters today.

So it is kind of a post-modern poem. It's cool. I kinda like it.
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:06 AM
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