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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Home at Home

There's a term in sports for when two teams play each other consecutively at each other's home field. It seems to be pronounced "home at home", but "home and home" makes more sense. Whichever one it is is the title of this post, because it works, dammit.

When most people ask me where home is, I have to take a while to respond. The question/answer they're generally looking for is "where do you go for the holidays?" That's here in Sacramento. Home. But I'm going back to Antioch tomorrow. Which is where I have spent the majority of my last few years. Where most of my friends are. Where the important stuff I have in storage is. Problem is, I'm going there just to say goodbye. Cause it's my last term there.

This is probably hard enough for people with normal college careers. But thanks to transferring, I'll have spent only five terms on campus (normal would be eight). Many of my friends were first-years when I transferred in, so I'm ahead of them. First to get out the right way. Part of me really wants to stay. This part of me was strong enough to seriously consider running for Community Government a few months ago. That's basically student body president - with actual power - as a full-time job. And by full-time, I mean 100-hour work weeks. I mean a stress level that is probably slightly less than air traffic controller, but not much.

Another sad thing about me leaving is that much of Antioch may be new to me this time around. I drink now, for the first term since I got there. I am single and have every intention of staying that way (hey baby, I'm graduating in 2 months, wanna fall in love?). And along those lines, this will be the first term without Beth around. I met Beth within 24 hours of arriving at the school, and was inseparable from her for those other four terms. And she won't be around.

There is one old flame that I'm sure I'll be hooking up with. Oh yes. The excitement I have about Soul Calibur 2 with the Antioch buddies is not something I should admit to, but yeah. Welcome back to the stage of history!

I will also be offline for at least the day, and potentially longer, though hopefully Antioch has its shit together. Just this once.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:11 AM
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