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Thursday, January 15, 2004


My schedule is light. I am taking four classes, yes. But two are gym classes. I am only taking two Class classes. And my senior project. Did I mention my senior project? Cause I'm sure I will. Fifty pages of pure research joy!

My two gym classes are Soccer and Total Fitness. I have yet to actually attend the soccer class, as I instead went to the soccer game. Or at least tried. We got lost on the way, and ended up with pizza.

Total Fitness sounds devestatingly dangerous, but this is Antioch. We were ALL picked last in gym class. Even if we were good at sports, we got picked last. So the class is really just light stretching and weight lifting, followed by voting on what we play. Things like basketball and roller hockey, sure, but also duck duck goose and hide and seek. Yeah. Plus, a certain group of people ended up taking the class. This would be the "throw yourselves into things ironically but actually trying" sort of people. So, for example, five minutes into the class, four girls charge cheering out of the changing room in leotards and legwarmers and terrible ponytails.

I'm also taking Varieties of Religious Experience. This is a 350-level religious studies course. There's basically no religion department here, but there needs to be, as this is the second philosophy/religion course I've taken that has had TOO DAMN MANY PEOPLE. This is a high-level seminar class and 19 people showed up on the first day. Average class size at Antioch is probably about 9. 25 is around the largest class I've taken. 19? in a class like this? Insanity. William James is a popular fellow.

And finally, I'm taking History of Economic Thought. This class is in the Social and Global Studies department, which is economics, management theory, business, law, etc. By stereotype, it should be a mostly male student department. In my experience, it's mostly male. And yet.....there are ten students in the class, and I am the only male. Now, Antioch is about 2:1 female to male, but still, this is a new experience.

Other than that, I've been making prank calls and playing video games. You know. Living the high life.
- Rowan Kaiser, 9:39 PM
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