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Friday, January 02, 2004


I'm here in the Philadelphia International Airport. I'd heard rumours of wireless ability, but they seem to be false, so I'm saving this for later. An alternate explanation is that my wireless card is broken. Well, it is. It's one of those ones that plugs into the side of the computer with a little bit sticking out, and last night, a rambunctious pink haired girl accidently knocked my laptop over, and the card kinda broke. That is, it bent slightly, and the plastic cover chipped off, so there's green circuitry staring at me where once the orange and green lights blinked. The thing is, it still worked. Heh. It's just kind of permanent now. I think it would take pliers to remove.

I somehow feel like I should be sadder than I am. I kinda feel like I should be trying to feel choked up. But no luck. As if that would be lucky. No, I have a thing in my brain, where if I'm doing a task that kind of is boring, like, say, traveling, and requires preparation, like, say, traveling, then I focus on it and get seriously annoyed if anything gets in my way until it's finished. So sadness, you are getting screwed by neuroses! How do you like them apples?
- Rowan Kaiser, 7:24 PM
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