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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

So I guess it's some kind of holiday. Yeah. I've done a very good job of not mentioning Christmas on my blog, except for an offhand mention at the end of my recent obsessive paranoia post. But, since this blog is kind of an explanation of sorts, may as well mention it. Yeah, Christmas music sucks, hardcore. Yeah, capitalism excess, bad. Sentimentality, bad. Good enough?

This is, I think, the first Christmas I've ever spent not with my family. This isn't quite as meaningful to me as it is to many people, as our Christmases tend to be very low-key anyway. "Yeah, I guess we might get a tree this year." Though I guess it was especially low-key this year. After waking in pretty much the best way possible, I got some presents, and hung out with Cyn and Babs, with whom I watched silly movies, including Pirates of the Carribean. Yes, again. No, I can quit at anytime, goddammit.....hey, is that a zombie pirate monkey?

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was an above average day, and that's what I look for.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:31 PM
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