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Monday, December 29, 2003

Uhhh. Whoa

I would like to go on the record now as saying that this Christmas week has been perhaps the most intense and eventful of my life. Sadly, I cannot blog about it. Well, I could, but it would be Bad. Though the week was good.

So, I will give you all some random thoughts.

My new rule of life is Be Prepared. In a very specific way.

I am currently eating some soup that was advertised as chicken, but seems to contain absolutely no chicken. This is probably a good thing, as it helps me be more vegetarian, but I felt it was worth noting. There is more chicken in the picture on the label than in the entire can of soup.

I am on a mix CD tear. In anticipation of a near-future road trip, I have created a Road Trip CD. I hope soon to offer a wide variety of mix cds, available for the price of shipping and handling. Watch this space.

I may start packing soon. I'm leaving on the first. Packing is difficult for me. My moving-constantly situation demands that I take only what is useful to me. And if it's useful, then, uh, I probably use it. And if I use it, I can't really pack it. So I kind of have to Pack Everything The Last Day. Which just accents my already terrible procrastination tendencies.

I'm giving 2:1 odds on whether I win the search at the airport again. 2:1 on being searched at all. 5:1 for me getting searched at both airports (I transfer at Phoenix). It tends to happen. Last time, I was flying with my girlfriend at the time, and the searcher guy hit on her. Classy.

Oh, and purple hair? This shit does something to you. I have no idea how relevant it is, but since it's been dyed, my life has been dramatically different. I think I'll go all the way after I get a haircut.
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:48 AM
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