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Friday, December 05, 2003


Today I was reminded of myriad, one of my favorite words. And it hit me, that would be a fantastic word to work with for my website redesign. For one day, my readers, I plan on getting my own domain name, and getting off blogger so I can post pictures, and make my webpage, well, uh, make my webpage!

But I've been somewhat caught on what to name the thing. I'm not terribly enamored of Ordinary Language - it's okay, but it's too pretentious, and my philosophy is, ah, shall we say, slightly divergent from ordinary language philosophy. I find dictionaries to be given too much weight and power, where James Austin(who wrote Sense and Sensabilia, ha ha) would have a dictionary on hand and look up every word when he was reading philosophy. Anyway. The pretentious thing is something I try to avoid, because it's really annoying and I can do it really well.

I could do www.arkaeyn.com, but I think that's silly. I don't think using my nickname designed mostly to not have anyone else share it is the best of plans.

www.rowan.com is taken by NetIdentity for people to use as e-mail. Boo! And I don't want to use my last name, justincase.

Myriad is one of my favorite words because it sounds good, it's short, and it's useful. Plus, it fits my blog - like I'm gonna change the color scheme!

But www.myriad.com goes to a pharmaceutical company. Yikes. Ouch. Stay away. www.myriad.org goes to one of those shitty buys-random-domain-names search engines. I feel that I should come up with something else. Something . . .special.

It's a fairly moot point, as the other big thing preventing me from doing this are, oh, money and bandwidth. You know. That kind of thing.
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:42 PM
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