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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

My shoes are clean, girl, how bout yours?

Yesterday, I purchased shoelaces with 2/3s of my remaining funds. This is not a commentary on the quality of the shoelaces, it's that I'm broke-ass broke. Anyway. I've had a pair of shoes that I wore for most of the spring as my primary shoes, but the shoelaces broke and rendered the shoes unwearable, for the last 7 months. But I was in a shoe store and remembered to purchase the laces. Then, I come home, and decide to get these shoes in working order. They would be my third pair of everyday shoes, which might be the most I've ever had. That's also close to my number of everyday shirts at this point. Yikes.

Anyway, after putting this much investment into this pair of shoes, I cannot find one of them. The other is happily laced and ready to be worn. But I cannot find the other. It may have been lost in the Great Move Debacle. One of my soccer cleats was. Did I end up with one of each pair? That would be sad. And they're both left foot shoes. I didn't need a commentary on my dancing ability, gods of irony!

This post was supposed to get into some sort of irony thing, that would have made it theoretically interesting. But no. It's just a story that doesn't really go anywhere. Next week, in Rowan's life: I make food that turns out much the way it is intended, and then consume it!
- Rowan Kaiser, 7:27 PM
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