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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Life In The Purple

I suppose I may as well describe my new look in slightly greater detail. It's a nice purple, not as dark as I'd want, but certainly not too light. The plan, and plan is almost certainly too strong a word for the process, was to dye the tips. But tips in this case is an inch or more of hair. This ends up looking like one side of my hair is much more dyed than the other, because my hair does the whole parting thing a bit excessively.

I also need a haircut. Which means that the whole thing is going to become different. Part of me wants to go into a salon and say "make this work." Part of me thinks it might be easier to just grab the bottle and finish the job. Or have a nondrunk person finish the job, as the case may be.

Yes. Yes, it would be easier if I could just post a picture. But that would require a digicam and picture ability on my blog.
- Rowan Kaiser, 12:16 PM
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