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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Kinda Like The Young Ones Finale

I woke up today after a nice little dream, in which me and a Generic Friend decided, for some reason, to join some people in playing baseball. However, they decided to play baseball someplace far away, so everyone piled into a school bus and took a field trip, up along the curvy mountain road. I got in a discussion with someone on the bus about my social circle, and she started making disparaging comments about how they were petty bourgeois children mindlessly and futilely rebelling against their parents and society. And I was like "Well....yeah, probably."

At that point, the school bus, inexplicably a U-Haul truck from the outside view, slowly careened off the side of the cliff. "Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit." I thought. As I watched it falling down the cliff in slow motion, disembodied from the outside, but knowing I was in it, I wondered what people think about in that situation. Do they sit there and hope that maybe they'll get out of it with just two broken legs? Do they sit and scream? Are they too shocked to think? Part of me wanted to get out my cell phone and call someone and say "I'll miss you." I mean, the damn thing WAS falling off the cliff in slow motion. I had time. Problem was, I couldn't figure out who deserved that last call.

It was then I woke up. I think I hate my nonconscious, which seemed to be saying "Capitalism is the only way of things" and "I'd like to die painfully. With fire and smashing, if possible."

Good morning, Rowan!
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:06 PM
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