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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Bored of the Things

So Return of the King has been getting rave reviews, shattering box office records, etc. It's to the point where the director has been talking about doing the Lord of the Rings prequel, the Hobbit. But I think that's the wrong prequel. Why not The Silmarillion?

Think of it. You got your epic battle sequences to draw the fans in. Peter Jackson has already demonstrated a willingness to fill in the blanks, and in the description-lite world of the Silmarillion, he'd need to do that. And franchises? Hell, this would be a seven or eight movie affair. You know how the three Lord of the Rings movies were billed as "The Journey Begins/Continues/Ends?" Well, the Silmarillion would be like "The Journey Slogs On, eventually" or "The Journey gets fucked up. Sorry. Nothing Happy Here." Or "The Journey Gets a Deus Ex Machina, Pretty Much Literally."

Other potential marketing schemes might be "Fingolfin could take Legolas in a knife fight" and "Remember that Balrog? Here's an army of them" and "I'll bet you didn't know Elrond was Aragorn's very very very very great uncle."
- Rowan Kaiser, 10:54 PM
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