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Sunday, November 16, 2003

What the pain away?

I took a painkiller this morning. For most people, this is not news. For me, it is. I cannot remember taking a painkiller in roughly a year, when my root canal/ankle injury were acting up. But, for the third staight day, my throat felt inflammed and painful, so I thought "maybe one of them pill thingies could make it feel less inflamed!" So I took one tiny pill and MAN! There's a reason I don't take these things!

The reason I don't take them is that I prefer to let my body have natural defenses. If I take a painkiller every time I am in pain, then my body will grow to expect painkillers, and more and more of them, as I build up a tolerance. By having no tolerance, when I feel I could REALLY USE a painkiller, as I did this morning, I make certain that they REALLY WORK. And oh, how it did. I slept blissfully. No, seriously. Instead of having cracked out violent dreams, I dreamt that I was cuddling one of my cats from home. I had a cuddling dream, how awesome is that? And my throat doesn't hurt. And it's all because I didn't take painkillers for those stupid headaches this past year. I rock.

The cat's name is Terry. And he is an orange tiger, with a Siamese meow. MRRRAAAAAAOOOOOWWWWW. Like that. And everybody loves him.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:18 PM
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