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Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Last night, at about 8PM, the wireless connection to my room vanished. It just stopped. The little orange "connecting" light flashes occasionally, but the green "connected" light remains crushingly dim. So I've brought my laptop downstairs into my living room. This works, I guess, but has the dreadful potential side effect of forcing me to see my housemates when they walk in and possibly talk to them.

I do not know why this is dreadful. My housemates seem to be generally okay people. I have not had any problem with them, other than the time one of them passed out in the bathroom and the time my cheese disappeared. My candy-theft and staying up til early in the morning playing music is probably far more annoying than they are.

At any rate, shall now be endeavoring to reconnect my room to the magical wireless router. Since I don't know how I got cut off in the first place, this may be difficult.
- Rowan Kaiser, 1:42 PM
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