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Friday, November 14, 2003

The Dream's Dream

I am currently sick. Slight fever, aching joints, painful throat, it's a flu, through and through. Of course, the best part about being sick are the fever dreams!

I got hired by the New York Yankees. I am not certain why. But the first part of my dream was all new job anxiety. What do I wear? I ended up going with my black Space Ghost t-shirt. Let me tell you, the amount of times I've done that for my first day of work is stunning. But, it wasn't long before I was recruited by the Resistance forces within the Yankees building. In this case, the Resistance happened to be led by, uh, small generally considered disgusting animals. The emotional climax of the dream came when an Evil Yankees Henchman found my small blue snake friend and threw him onto the floor and stompted on him.

At that point, it was On. So the dream turned into a Dream-Action version of Time Crisis 2. Now, Carl and I had visited an arcade earlier in the night, and Carl really likes these shooting games, so we played it a bit. And then I dreamed it. I was a lot better at shooting the evil Yankees employees than I was at the game in real life. I never once had to put in another quarter in the dream.

Anyway, after at least three different levels of shooting, I woke up. Let me tell you, waking up with the feeling of a long gunfight, as a pacifist, is distinctly creepy.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:02 PM
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