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Friday, November 28, 2003

The Big Two Three

At roughly 2:30 AM last night, I turned 23.

I spoke with my parents today, and they reminded me that my birthday being the day after Thanksgiving is the way I was born. My dad called it my"real birthday."

Having a birthday on Buy Nothing Day, or Black Friday, whichever you prefer, is occasionally amusing. For example, as I grew older, my parents would procrastinate more about getting me presents. It eventually got to the point where they would get them the morning of, as I usually slept in (not a problem, given that my birthday usually falls in the four-day weekend.) One year, it was Black Friday, and my intrepid family went out to get me gifts, and ran into The Mob. They said they'd plan ahead from then on. Heh. Well, that's not a problem this year, with them thousands of miles away.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:24 PM
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