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Friday, October 17, 2003

Peg to King Four

I play chess online occasionally, and yesterday, when I went into the room where the games were, the chat room, usually people looking for games, had a huge fight going on. Some guys were screaming at some girls, in the worst sort of misogynistic way. You know, calling them names, and telling them they must be dykes. That was boring. What was funny was that one of the girls was responding by talking about how much she loved bending men over with her strap-on. She told one of the guys that she would love nothing more than to take him, no lube. She did not, sadly, say that she'd heard it was "better for boys."

Keep in mind that this is a chess chat room. And not even one of the "social" ones. Upon opening my mouth, because feeding trolls can be fun, one of the guys told me that anyone who had "pix on the internet has a problem."

- Rowan Kaiser, 6:24 PM
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