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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The Saga Continues

I've been a wee bit nervous about the state of a few things since my ignomious departure from my last apartment. For those who don't recall, this entailed me subletting a place under the table, and security coming and changing the locks, forcing to leave without all of my stuff, and without being able to clean. Some of my stuff that was up in the air included a thousand dollar deposit fee, which was by far the most important thing. So, I e-mailed the people I'd dealt with, and the person whose apartment I had thought it had been e-mailed me back a few days ago saying that she hadn't ordered the lock change, and she was sorry, etc. So I thought I was in good shape. She's coming back, she'll call me, I can come over and clean, and everyone's happy. Right? Hardly. I got an e-mail a little bit ago, forwarded from the ACTUAL leaser of the place (yeah, it just gets shadier) to the person I had sublet from, very pissed off, saying the place was a mess, which was true, as I didn't get the chance to clean, and that she had sublet again, which apparently was against their deal (I didn't know). So, someone's pissed off, it may fall down onto me, and I may not get my stuff back. It was recommended that I get in touch with the actual leaser, but I don't know what to say. "sorry I didn't get the chance to clean, you kind of had me kicked out. sorry I sublet the place, I didn't know. Can I just take my stuff and leave?" It's not like she's exactly going to be inclined to believe me.

Ugh. On the bright side: internet!

EDIT: I find it very telling about my personality that I feel bad about the fact that some stranger called me a "complete slob," but not about the $1K. "Someone I've never even met hates me" trumps "living money for a few months." Ugh.
- Rowan Kaiser, 3:04 PM
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