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Friday, September 19, 2003

Needed: Toys

Top secret surprise revelation: I have ADD. I fidgit. A lot. A LOT. I used to have these magnets. They were the best fidgit toys ever. I've been playing with them pretty much nonstop for seven years. I brought six with me here to Philly. One vanished into the bottomless pit that is Cyn and Phil's couch, after I childishly threw it at her. (moral of the story: when being childish, make certain you throw other people's things). Sometime in the next few weeks, the other five disappeared. I have no idea where to, but unless I lost them at movie night, I almost certainly lost them somewhere I'm not back to. These magnets came from opening magnetic/magic marbles, so one would think replacing them would be easy. But one would be oh so wrong. Most magnetic marbles have these slimy, broken magnets inside. Boo! Need complete, cyllindrical, clean magnets! To summarize: at least seven years of history, lost.

So, I had to find something else. My intrepid hands decided that the antenna for my cell phone would work. And it did, for the last couple months. Until I discovered it missing yesterday!

No fidgit toys BAD. Make Rowan destructo-ADD. Nobody wants that.
- Rowan Kaiser, 11:49 PM
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