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Monday, September 15, 2003

I . . . won?

The long drama may finally be ending! Last you heard, dear readers, my old housing situation was precarious. The people I dealt with were not the person who had returned to the apartment and declared me to be "a complete slob." My stuff, in limbo. Chances of my deposit returning, slim, as the person returned to declare the place unlivable, her beautiful furniture destroyed, whine whine whine. I has officially given her a double-diagnosis of Drama Queen and Pretty Pretty Princess, and ladies and gentlemen, that's not a good combination. Anyway . . . I managed to avoid dealing with her, and have since dealt with a nice person. She said she would work on getting my stuff back, and today, I got an e-mail, saying that she did. Better yet, without prompting, she said she was planning to give me pretty much the full deposit back, which I was not expecting. In fact, I'd have been ok with getting half of it back at this point.

If you're parsing this correctly, you should be reading "Soul Calibur 2 in just a few days." Hee hee hee.
- Rowan Kaiser, 2:27 AM
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